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Get there by plane

It is easy to get to Kusadasi by plane as the seaside station is about half way to two major airports.
The nearest airport is Izmir (Adnan-Menderes international airport) (ADB), which is only 1 hour and 10 minutes’ drive away from the villa.
The second is Bodrum (Bodrum-Milas International Airport) (BJV), just under an hour and a half drive.
Many airlines serve these two airports daily.

Second home under the sun in Kusadasi Sogucak Turkey - There are 2 major airports around Kusadasi

If you do not mind spending a little more time in planes, traveling through Istanbul offers more possibilities depending on your departure airport.
From Istanbul it takes only one hour to fly to Izmir.

By the way, Izmir and Bodrum are two beautiful cities whose style is very different from Kusadasi.
Do not hesitate to spend a day to visit them.

Upon arrival, you can opt for a taxi, a rental car or an airport shuttle service.
It is recommended to have the last booked in advance.

Rental car

The car is by far the best means of transport because it gives you the freedom to move wherever you want, whenever you want.

Like many people, maybe you are afraid to drive in a country that is unfamiliar to you.  This is perfectly normal!
Be reassured, rules and the signs in Turkey are identical to the ones you are used to.
There may be two or three things that are different but you will learn them quickly on the spot.

Villa à Kusadasi à vendre, dolmus

It is true that the driving seems disorganized in Turkey and that it is a little anarchy on the road at times.  It has its charm and it will make you laugh, promised!
Eventually, you will enjoy driving freely in Turkey.

It is possible to book a rental car at the airport and it is very simple to rent a car without reservation in Kusadasi.

If you want to buy this beautiful property for sale in Kusadasi / Sogucak, whether for living or retirement, buying a car will not be an option.
And if you plan to invest in real estate in Kusadasi / Sogucak, whether for renting your villa or for use as a second home (or both), renting a vehicle will be very convenient for your stay in order to visit, perform administrative formalities, go to the beach, go shopping…


The dolmus is the most common and economical means of transportation throughout the country.
These are actually shared vans that run set routes within and between cities.

The name is pronounced ‘dolmouch’ and means ‘full’ in Turkish.  Hence their name because they usually leave when they are full.
But most start when the driver is satisfied by the number of people on board.  For that reason, there is no real time of passage
The dolmus crisscross the cities and villages day and night.

Villa à Kusadasi à vendre, dolmus

In addition to its price, the other great interest of the dolmus is that it is possible to take it and go down anywhere.
This is how empty places often find takers during the journey.
The destination is usually indicated on a sign behind the windshield.

To take a dolmus just stand on the side of the road and signal to the driver when he passes.
There are also stops in town and in villages.
Similarly, to go down, just tell the driver anytime you want to be dropped off.

Rates are fixed, sometimes even posted inside.
Slower than buses (they stop more often), the dolmuses are essential because they serve the most remote villages.


Second residence in Turkey Kusadasi Sogucak - Taxis

The taxi is another way to get around.  There are many taxis everywhere.

Unlike the dolmus, the taxi has the advantage of being a private means of transportation that will take you exactly where you want.
The price is very reasonable but still higher than what you would pay in a dolmus.

As a foreigner, if you are unfamiliar with the places and fares, be careful because the driver could take advantage of this to raise the fare.