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In Turkey

Turkey is a country that really has a lot to offer its visitors: fabulous natural landscapes, unique historical and archaeological sites, a hotel industry and an ever-growing tourism infrastructure, as well as unconventional traditional hospitality and competitive prices.
Investing in real estate in Turkey is definitely a perfect choice.

La Turquie, maison de vacances à vendre

10 reasons to invest in real estate in Turkey

Unique location

  • Strategic position at the crossroads between East and West that physically and culturally connects Europe and Asia.

  • Near potential new markets in the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa.

  • 7000 kilometers of beautiful coastline and unique historical sites that have gone through tens of thousands of years.

  • Easy access and good means of transport.

  • Gateway to energy resources (natural gas and oil).

  • Strong history and cultural links with other countries in the region.

Exceptional climate

  • Western and especially southern Turkey is recognized as having the healthiest climate in Europe with long summers and mild winters, as well as some of the lowest pollution levels. All of these elements contribute to making this area an ideal place for vacation or retirement.

  • Temperatures rarely fall below 15 degrees Celsius in the southern regions.

The Turks

  • The most kind, accommodating, harmonious, welcoming, sincere and extravagant people you might want to meet. Most with a good command of English and a keen sense of hospitality that make investors and tourists feel at home.

World-renowned cuisine

  • Turkish cuisine is, to a large extent, the product of a rich historical past, a true melting pot of cultures and supported by an infinite variety of fish, meat, vegetables and fruits, where the key word is freshness.


  • A rapidly growing, modern and healthy infrastructure that respects the environment.

Cost of life

  • The cost of living in Turkey is very low compared to other countries.
    The course of the Turkish lira has become even more interesting in recent years and has allowed expatriates, retirees or people traveling regularly to Turkey to see their purchasing power multiplied by 3.5 in about 6 years.

Interesting investments

  • The opportunity to invest in real estate at a very interesting price. The cost of living being much cheaper in Turkey, the impact on the price of materials and labor is unmatched.

High standards and quality

  • The majority of new real estate developments in Turkey are built to meet European construction standards and regulations.
    This is an important aspect for investors and buyers of second homes that gives confidence when they buy.

Safety and security

  • Serious crimes as well as crimes against property or people are very low in Turkey compared to other developed countries. Investors and their families are safe thanks to international laws.

A lucrative investment

  • For investors, real estate generally takes on value over time. Moreover, thanks to the importance of tourism in Turkey, you can easily generate attractive rental income.

Why choose to invest in Turkey?

Demographics stimulate long-term real estate demand.
Population and labor force growth is a key driver of real estate markets, as are increases in personal and national incomes.
If no-one can afford to acquire new space, constructon of buildings is useless, that is why demographic and economic expansion is essential to maintaining dynamic real estate markets.
Several mature economies that have been considered as safe havens for real estate investment are facing severe growth reversals, and some emerging economies are quickly making their way onto the world stage.
As a result, a reassessment of medium and long-term plans for real estate investment may be appropriate.


  • High demand for real estate due to the sharp increase in population (it is estimated that the population has increased an average of 880,000 each year until 2010).

  • The population in Turkey exceeds 70 million, of which almost 70% are under 30 years old.


  • Turkey is going through a real estate boom.

  • Huge and very dynamic domestic market.

  • Domestic policy has lowered interest rates making easier to buy real estate.

  • The increase in demand reflects positively the increase in real estate market returns.

  • The lower cost of real estate in Turkey is coupled with high quality products and services.

Fast developing economy

  • Turkey is considered among the 20 most dynamic countries in world trade by the World Trade Organization.

  • The growth potential of the travel and tourism market is endless, with increased demand for rental housing.
    International real estate trends show that where vacationers go, investors follow.

  • Both markets have experienced rapid growth and development since 2003.

Strengthening of international relations

  • Turkey’s accession negotiations with the European Union officially began on October 3, 2005.
    Although the record is stagnating, Turkey could become a full member of the EU.

  • With a real prospect of EU membership, regulations have been revised to comply with EU standards, making the market more accessible to international investors. This will likely lead to faster growth, increased purchasing power, increased production and job creation, which will translate into increased demand for real estate and a rise in property values.

  • Turkey attracts significant foreign direct investment.

Rapid capital gain now and in the future

  • The value of properties is expected to increase significantly each year over the next few years, making the purchase of real estate in Turkey a good investment.

High yields of property rentals

  • Very rewarding in terms of rental income for housing offered as seasonal rentals in touristic areas.

Thanks to the geographical diversity offered by Turkey, it is sometimes possible to live the four seasons in one day.
This country of rectangular shape has three of its sides bordered by three different seas.
As for its shores, they are each adorned with beaches, coves, bays, islands and peninsulas.
Summers are long. Sometimes this sunny season can last up to eight months in some parts of the country.

Luxury villa for sale in Turkey - Kusadasi Sogucak

The majestic mountains that mark the relief and valleys, lakes, rivers, waterfalls and innumerable caves of Turkey offer the opportunity to practice a multitude of activities in summer and winter.
Skiers, mountaineers, trekkers, hikers and hunters can all enjoy their stay in Turkey where they will experience new and unforgettable experiences.

But Turkey is above all a huge open-air museum, the source of all the civilizations that appeared on Anatolian lands.
One could say that Turkey’s historical and archeological richness would indeed fill an entire continent.

A new trend has recently developed in Turkey: wellness tourism.
This type of holiday is growing in other parts of the world.
With its spas, hot springs and mud baths…that are highly recommended by the medical authorities for their curative peculiarities, Turkey perfectly meets the expectations of those who would like to enjoy a well-being stay.