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Second home

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Second home

Why invest in a second residence in Kusadasi?
This is what many owners do.
The purchase of a second home and real estate investments prove to be an interesting way to grow your savings while being able to enjoy your property during your vacation time.

villa à vendre à Kusadasi, Turquie

Who has never dreamed of a second residence abroad, in a warm and sunny place, near the beach…in a haven of peace where one can truly relax?
This property for sale in Kusadasi Sogucak can offer you all this and much more.

Sun, warmth and holiday atmosphere

You are probably looking for a change of scenery, something you don’t have in your regular life.
A second home in your home country sounds an interesting idea but is not a radical change.
Waking up with views over the Sogucak pine forests, the pool and a clear blue sky while being close to beautiful beaches is quite another thing.

The climate in Kusadasi is ideal for relaxing and boosting one’s health.
With its long, dry summers (averaging 25 °C / 77 °F) and mild winters (averaging 12 °C / 54), Kusadasi is known to have one of the healthiest climates in Europe.

Quality of life

A second residence in Kusadasi is like paradise.
The area is truly beautiful, there are numerous historical sites, but also many places to stroll and admire the breathtaking scenery.
The Turkish are very hospitable and helpful. You will also appreciate their delicious cuisine.
The possibilities of activities and sports are endless in Kusadasi, both indoors and outdoors, on land and sea.

All that for a cost of living very low compared to other countries, allowing Westerners to live comfortably or to spend cheap holidays there.
And with the course of the Turkish lira becoming more and more interesting over time, purchasing power has increased dramatically the past years.
For example, in 2010, 1,000 euros were worth 2,000 TL. At the end of 2017, the same amount was worth 4,500 TL
In 2018, at the time of writing these lines, 1,000 euros are worth nearly 6,900 TL.


It is easy to get to Kusadasi by plane as the seaside station is about half way to two major airports.

Kusadasi is located on the Turkish Aegean coast about 95 km (59 mi.) south of Izmir and is a major seaside resort close to famous ancient sites.
It is easily accessible by air through two major airports, Izmir (ADB) 103 km (64 mi.) away and Bodrum (BVJ) 109 km (67.7 mi.) away.

Means of transport are well developed in Turkey. You will learn more by visiting the ‘Transportation’ page.

The choice of freedom

Being able to travel whenever and as much as you wish is a real luxury that must not be neglected.
Indeed, owning your own second home allows you to leave at any time, whether for an extended weekend, during the summer months, school holidays …
As soon as the climate of your country weighs on your morale, you can take your suitcase and stay in your second home under the sun of Kusadasi.

Do you like holidays with family or friends?
Then you will be free to invite whoever you want to share a few days of relaxation and fun.
If you have children they will love the place, the pool and the proximity of the beach.

Prepare for retirement

Currently, you may still have professional obligations that prevent you from fully enjoying your second home in Kusadasi.
But with the retirement coming, you will be able to spend happy days near the the Aegean Sea with a mild and sunny climate.
Buying a second home in Turkey now will allow you to get ready for your retirement and slowly get used to this change of life.

A wise real estate investment

Unfortunately, the current savings accounts do not yield as much profit as before.
For a more profitable investment, real estate becomes one of the preferred alternative solutions.
Indeed, the resale of your second home can generate a capital gain or be the subject of a donation.
It is also a heritage that can be transmitted and therefore also benefit your children and grandchildren.
Another solution to make your second home profitable: choose to rent it when you do not occupy it. This allows you to travel to other countries while avoiding leaving your property unoccupied. You will also generate useful rents to offset accrued expenses.

  • The cost of living is very low compared to other countries.
  • Kusadasi offers the opportunity to invest in real estate at very attractive prices. The cost of living being cheaper in Turkey, the impact on the price of materials and labor is unmatched.
  • High standards and quality: The majority of new real estate developments in Kusadasi are built to meet European building standards and regulations. This is an important aspect for investors and buyers of second homes that gives confidence when they buy.
  • A lucrative investment: For investors, real estate generally takes value over time. Moreover, thanks to the important tourism in Kusadasi, you will generate interesting rental income.