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Are you free from your professional obligations and want to spend your retirement under sun of Kusadasi?
You have the opportunity to spend happy days at the Aegean with a mild and sunny climate.

villa à vendre à Kusadasi, Turquie

Sun, warmth and holiday atmosphere

The climate in Kusadasi is ideal for relaxing and boosting one’s health.
With its long, dry summers (averaging 25 °C / 77 °F) and mild winters (averaging 12 °C / 54), Kusadasi is known to have one of the healthiest climates in Europe.

Quality of life

A second residence in Kusadasi is like paradise.
The area is truly beautiful, there are numerous historical sites, but also many places to stroll and admire the breathtaking scenery.
The Turkish are very hospitable and helpful. You will also appreciate their delicious cuisine.
The possibilities of activities and sports are endless in Kusadasi, both indoors and outdoors, on land and sea.

All that for a cost of living very low compared to other countries, allowing Westerners to live comfortably or to spend cheap holidays there.
And with the course of the Turkish lira becoming more and more interesting over time, purchasing power has increased dramatically the past years.
For example, in 2010, 1,000 euros were worth 2,000 TL. At the end of 2017, the same amount was worth 4,500 TL
In 2018, at the time of writing these lines, 1,000 euros are worth nearly 6,900 TL.


Are you afraid to miss your family and friends?
Do not worry, nowadays, traveling to Turkey from abroad is simple, fast and cheap.
Ditto for you, you can easily go see your family and friends to make sure you do not miss any of the great important days of their lives.

It is easy to get to Kusadasi by plane as the seaside station is about half way to two major airports.

Kusadasi is located on the Turkish Aegean coast about 95 km (59 mi.) south of Izmir and is a major seaside resort close to famous ancient sites.
It is easily accessible by air through two major airports, Izmir (ADB) 103 km (64 mi.) away and Bodrum (BVJ) 109 km (67.7 mi.) away.

Means of transport are well developed in Turkey. You will learn more by visiting the ‘Transportation’ page.

Health services

There are 2 fully equipped private hospitals, 1 public hospital and several private clinics in Kusadasi.
University hospitals are also available in the city of Izmir, a 1-hour drive away.

Turkey has a well-developed health care system, with state-of-the-art facilities and highly qualified personnel, as well as quality insurance systems that have agreements with many countries, allowing refund of costs.

Public hospitals and private clinics form a dense network covering the entire national territory.
All will give you access to general care but also specialized (pediatrics, gastroenterology, neurology, psychology, etc …).


The Turks

The most kind, accommodating, harmonious, welcoming, sincere and extravagant people you might want to meet. Most with a good command of English and a keen sense of hospitality that make investors and tourists feel at home.