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Rental income

Why invest in real estate in Kusadasi?
Because it is a popular and growing seaside resort, a beautiful area and the cost of living is very interesting.
For these reasons and many more, Kusadasi attracts many tourists.
The purchase of a holiday home proves to be an interesting way to generate rental income.

villa à vendre à Kusadasi, Turquie

Return on investment

The villa is ideally located on the heights of Kusadasi, in the pleasant village of Sogucak.
This welcoming village has several grocery stores and restaurants.
Several dolmus lines make regular trips to Kusadasi, the beaches, the shopping center and the surrounding villages.

Both secluded in a charming and quiet place surrounded by nature but close to all amenities, the villa, is fully furnished and equipped to the highest standards.
It is the ideal place for holidaymakers to spend an unforgettable stay with their family or friends.

Our rental experience has proven that it is easy to rent the house.
Inquiries are flowing as early as December.

Enjoy your property

Aside from renting out your property all year long, seasonal rentals allow you to enjoy your property.
Indeed, nothing prevents you to decide to block dates that suit you to stay in your holiday home.

The most profitable periods when one practices the seasonal rentals are of course July and August.
These two months are the most requested and are the most profitable as rental rates are traditionally the highest during these months.

Staying in your property during that period will then of course prevent you from making some interesting gains.
From May until the end of October, the sun and temperatures are generous in Kusadasi.
Nothing prevents you from enjoying your villa out of season and focus your rentals on the period from June to September in order to maximize your profits.